How To Install Draft Cap In Your Home
Draft Cap slides easily into place over attic access opening. Assembly of Draft Cap is simple and easy. Click here for assembly instruction.

Dimensions: Draft Cap is roughly 60" x 31.5" (outside dimensions) and will fit most standard pull down stair units with a rough opening of 25.5" x 54". Draft Cap has an inside height of 8.75".

To easily check if Draft Cap will fit, simply pull the attic hatch down so that it is roughly at a 45 degree angle. Then step around the back side of the door and measure just the plywood door or panel (not the molding.) If this measurement is in the vicinity of 24" x 52", then you have a standard-size pull-down stair unit and Draft Cap will surely fit!

If your stairs are too large and you would like to extend your DraftCap or you would like to apply an additional seal around the bottom of your DraftCap, please click here for instructions.

** Because of shipping requirements, Draft Cap is shipped as a 2-piece unit. Assembly requires no tools and is accomplished in less than 5 minutes.

When handling fiberglass insulation it is recommended to coat your hands with baby powder to avoid irritation
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