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  • We purchased the Draft Cap last summer, and were immediately amazed at how much cooler our upstairs hallway became after just a few moments of placing the draft cap over our attic stair frame, and this past winter, again were very pleased with the draft-blocking effect this great product gives. I've been up and down to the attic many times this past week, and the ease of use and effectiveness of the Draft Cap continues to affirm my belief that this was money well spent. Thanks for making a simple product that does exactly what it claims and works very well.
    Jack H., Central New Jersey (September 2011)
  • I purchased the DraftCap 2 weeks ago (today is 12/20). I did so because the 2nd floor of our home was often COLDER than the 1st floor - which was insane! Our home has lots of windows so we were having to burn extra heat to keep the home comfortable. Even worse was the fact that a really cold draft was entering through the small space around the attic stair door. I had heard of the DraftCap and decided to buy it because it seemed to make sense. Initially, I was surprised at how light it is - it weighs almost nothing. Then, installation took all of about 20 seconds - literally.

    The very first night my wife and I noticed that there was no more cold draft entering through the attic stair door. And in the 2 weeks since installing it, w e have noticed a BIG difference in the upper floor of the house and in the rest of the house. The heat is retained better which means less use of heat. We don't have to keep turning up the thermostat to get the house nicely warmed. We're curious to see what our next heating bill will look like.

    So far, we are EXTREMELY PLEASED with the performance of the DraftCap. If you have similar house heating issues because of cold drafts then I urge you to get one - it's a no-brainer. I only wish I had invented the darn thing! Sariyd & Caroline,Beverly, MA (12/20/10)
  • Your product did what it's designed to do, eliminating the draft one gets from the attic... Even my wife commented tonight that she didn't feel the coldness sitting at the dinning room table. (12/2010)
  • I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I love the Draft Cap. With the temperature being under 20F for the last few days, I got right home and immediately brought up your product to my attic stairs. It fit like a glove.

    Almost as immediately as I positioned the cap in place, the cold air from above stopped barreling down my attic stairs and onto my face. The next day, I spent an hour cleaning up the uneven wood around the top of my stairwell, and placed flexible piece of foam insulation around the base where the cap meets the plywood, and it fits even better now. I’m totally satisfied.

    It’s such a simple invention that works so well.

    Thanks again and best of luck with your invention.

    Howard R., New Hampshire (12/30/09)

  •   I recently had a home energy audit and expected to be informed that I would need to replace all of our old windows. Instead, the biggest energy loss was around the attic ladder door. I called the local giant hardware store and was told their attic door covers were usually out of stock. I looked on the Internet and found the Draft Cap. I ordered one and paid using Pay Pal. The package arrived within a few days. It came in two sections and assembly was easy. I was surprised at the thickness of the foam and presume that this provides better insulation than the thinner foam sheets at the hardware store.

    I did run into a problem. The elbows of the hinges on the attic ladder stuck up into the attic twelve inches. When I closed the attic door these hinges pushed the Draft Cap up off the floor, preventing it from blocking the draft. I contacted the Draft Cap company and they went out of their way to provide me with an extension to make the Cap taller. I am now a satisfied customer and have told friends and family. I recommend the Draft Cap to anyone who has an attic door.

    Jeff Brown (5/4/09)
  • As a more than satisfied owner and user of the DRAFT CAP, I can fully attest to its use since it prevents heat loss during the winter months and heat gain during the summer months. Not only does it do both but, as a senior citizen, it is very easy to move away from the opening when access to the attic is necessary.
  • I have used this product for the last several years and highly recommend its use by anyone who has ever experienced the extreme temperatures that can escape though any attic staircase.

Ginny S., Lowell, MA (8/29/09)  


  • Friends and Family, One of my patients has invented the Draft Cap, which basically insulates the drop down stair door to your attic. This can save you money when heating or cooling your home. If you think about it, your entire attic is insulated but in the hall ceiling you have a thin piece of wood that lets a lot of heat escape into the attic. If you don't believe me, the next time you pull your stairs down on a really cold night you will feel all the cold air come at you like a ton of bricks. With my Draft Cap in place, there is absolutely no rush of cold air when it is in place. It only weighs about 8 pounds and when you want to get into the attic you just flip it on its side or push it to one side. It is pretty inexpensive and probably pays for itself in one or two winters. As I mentioned, I have had mine for 3 seasons and it definitely helps me use less oil.

    J. Mason, D.M.D (6/5/09)

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